Welcome to leukemia gene database   leukemia genes leukemia drugs further reading help   welcome to leukemia gene database a database of leukemia genes (legend) is developed to help the biological and medical sciences community to easily access all information on the genes that are involved in leukemia. maca peru's natural viagra The information about these genes is stored in a simple semi-structured database and can be accessed freely through a www interface. The data in legend is extracted from the published biomedical research literature. These are categorically organized and stored as a collection of ‘facts’. These facts are categorized under topics like cell location, dna binding, dna structure, gene frequency, protein binding and structure, pathway and various other clinical and biological relevant information. Each fact is linked to the original pubmed citation and depending on the available information each gene is also linked to omim, cgap, genecards databases. All the leukemia genes can be viewed based on chromosome number or alphabetical order of gene or by the leukemia type, the key word search system will be added soon. Leukemia gene database contains information about 70 genes that are responsible for leukemia along with their gene characteristics. viagra samples free online This  database is built similar to oral and breast cancer gene database.   editor : balaji. viagra daily use buy online R curator : chiranjeev sanyal    . Cancer survival is measured in a number of different ways depending on the intended purpose. buy cheap viagra Several examples of survival statistics are listed below. viagra online bestellen Can be calculated by different methods for different purposes. The survival statistics presented here are based on relative survival x close a measure of net survival that is calculated by comparing observed (overall) survival with expected survival from a comparable set of people that do not have cancer to measure the excess mortality that is associated with a cancer diagnosis. viagra without a doctor prescription , which measures the survival of the cancer patients in comparison to the general population to estimate the effect of cancer. The overall 5-year relative survival for 2002-2008 from 18 seer geographic areas was 23. viagra without prescription 4%. Five-year relative survival by race and sex was: 21. no rx viagra cheap 3% for white men; 24. viagra for sale 6% for white women; 23. 2% for black men; 24. 8% for black women. (see fast stats for more detailed statistics) return to top lifetime risk based on rates from 2007-2009, 0. 39% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at some time during their lifetime. This num. buy viagra cheap