East Africa


Tanzania & Kenya September, 2010

These are a few of my favorite pictures from about 6000 images taken while traveling in Tanzania and Kenya in September, 2010.  Kathy and I travelled with a wonderful group of people from the Naples area and we were all privileged to see and do things we could only have  dreamed of.  I hope you enjoy this brief look at some of the things that quite simply amazed us. 

There are actually four sets of pictures here.  The one on the left is a shorter version of the one on the right.  The right stack includes additional selections.  Below them are a few pictures from the Netherlands, where we stopped for a few days on the way to Africa.  And finally, I seemed to get a lot of shots of animal’s backsides.  Perhaps they were trying to tell me something.  So a few of those were selected and appropriately named.  I hope you enjoy them all.